Amazon Film Gear Sale: Deal of the Week – Nov 2012

Check out this weeks Amazon Film Gear Sale!

We are playing with a lot of ideas and content right now, so stay tuned for a lot of new stuff coming from HTFS over the winter and new year.

To start we would like to share some of our finds on the web with a weekly deals post.

Amazon Film Gear Sale

Transcend & Sandisk 32gig SD Card

Very interesting youtube video from comparing both cards in this Amazon Film Gear Sale

Fancier 500 LED Light

Fantastic price on an LED lighting fixture. That’s like 50% off! There seem to be some good reviews of this product on too. I’m always a little scared about ordering stuff like this, but at that much of a discount it is always so hard to resist. I have worked with “knock off” LED fixture in the past with good results, so how bad can it be?!? If anyone has any good or bad experience with these type of fixtures dont be afraid to share your opinion in the comments section below.

Taken directly from the best review on these lights on

“I helped shoot an award-winning short, ‘The Break-up’ in Sacramento, using these lights. The director and the DP (director of photography) raved about how cool the lights were, how diffuse the light was, and how good the characters looked. These LED lights have the reputation of having a ‘green spike’ somewhat like fluorescent lights, but any good editing program can take care of that with no problem.”

The web also brings us a video review on this product from youtube user Dalesphotography

In the review he gives it 4/5 stars and complains about not having an umbrella mount. Not really a problem for film and video users, so have at it!

Next we have the baby brother of the Fancier LED…

Another good deal followed by good amazon reviews of the product.

Taken directly from the best review by Amazon user NOLA:

“I’m not sure what happened to D. Toms’ light but we’ve been using our light for many weddings and events and it’s performed wonderfully. Throw a Sony battery on and you’re good for a long time. I love the dimmer and how it puts out an adequate amount of light that isn’t too too harsh.
We liked it so much we bought another light for our other camera crew.
We’ve realistically probably used this light for at least 30 weddings thus far and it works like new and no I’m not a paid reviewer”


We also found a great video review from youtube user KreativeVueTV

At the end he does make a very good point about flicker when battery at a low charge. This can be resolved by dialing back on the dimmer a tad.

Westcott 5in1

 Everyone needs a bounce and this is a good price for a good product. Check out some of the reviews on amazon Look out for an upcoming blog post all about using bounces and reflectors in your lighting setups to create various effects.

Taken from best review:

“If you do portraits, you want to make sure you cover the shadows and with a smaller one it’s a little harder to aim. I also like that the translucent part of this is big enough to cover a whole person without standing too close to them. Also the large size lets you use this as a background for a headshot or closeup.”


Here is a product video from the westcott youtube page FJWestcottCo.

 Avenger C-Stand

A good old C-stand. The most useful piece of film gear in film history.

Taken from one of the 5/5 star amazon reviews:

“The best C-Stand I’ve ever used, and I’ve used stands that cost much much more than this. This is a great deal for a great stand, and with the free shipping I went ahead and ordered a bunch. All avenger equipment I own is top notch and priced appropriately. Amazon has become my favorite place to save on grip equipment. “



Check out this vimeo product video for Avenger CStands

Avenger C-Stand Kits (A2033LKIT) from Avenger Grip on Vimeo.

Amazon Film Gear Sale




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