Script Breakdown


When it comes to a script breakdown there are multiple categories to consider. You can use programs such as Movie Magic Scheduling, which can be purchased on amazon or Final Draft Tagger, also available on amazon. These pieces of software are and amazing help for your script breakdown but if you cannot afford the software […]

Making a Call Sheet


In this blog post we will go over the basics of Making a Call Sheet. One thing that has taken me years to get really great at is Making a Call Sheet. A call sheet is a document that combines all of the relevant information that the crew will need to get through the shoot […]

Checklist for Creating a Film Schedule

Being an Assistant Director is an incredibly stressful and difficult job and it’s very easy to miss things. Even the most experienced AD’s make mistakes from time to time, especially in the creation of a films schedule. It is also possible to have more than one person working on the schedule such as the Production […]

Movie Magic Scheduling Tips

movie magic

When it comes to making a schedule for your project, be it a short film, music video, feature film or web series, I will always recommend using Movie Magic Scheduling, you can get your copy on amazon. Created by Entertainment Partners, it’s a fantastic piece of software for the AD department. The great thing about […]