Hand Signals for Lighting Technicians Tutorial

Below is a very basic tutorial on Hand Signals for Lighting Technicians. These hand signals are very commonly use by the grip & lighting departments and DOP on many film sets across North America. Although not every single hand signal will not be used exactly as seen in the video, it can still be very […]

HowToFilmSchool’s Film Set Walkie Talkie Etiquette Guide


The Walkie Talkie can be one of the most import tools used daily on a film set. They can ease communication between the crew, various departments and help Assistant Directors run the set. An Assistant Director without a walkie talkie is like a hockey player without a stick. With all that power comes…Walkie Talkie Etiquette. […]

HowToFilmSchool’s Guide to Film Set Etiquette


Film Set Etiquette is very important on set and having bad  set etiquette can go as far as getting you fired or put on someone’s blacklist. Bad etiquette is something even the most experienced person is guilty of from time to time, but it is most common with people new to film sets. The problem […]