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5 major mistakes inexperienced gaffers make on set

The 5 Major Mistakes Inexperienced Gaffers Make on Set

Working as a gaffer can be a very difficult and stressful job. It can be very easy to make simple mistakes or let the stress get to you. There are definitely some things you can keep in mind that will make your day easier, more efficient, ease communication, increase the possibility of a call back and ensure a lasting relationship with your favourite

HowToFilmSchool Guest Post

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Are you an expert in your department? Is there something we are missing that you want to write about? Due to the success of our first few years, we have decided to open up the website to our readers! That's right, you can create a guest blog for! You can send us your ideas here.  Benefits of a Guest Blog Get more hits

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Working as a Key Grip

Working as a Grip or Electric

This is an in-depth blog breaking down Working as a low level grip or electric in film and television. Please comment below. As a reader it is your responsibility to help us make this post better! What is it

knots for grips

Knots for Grips!

One of the most important things a grip can learn is tying proper knots. There are dozens of situations where the right knot can save you a lot of time and maybe even save someone's life! Knots are something all