‘Grip It Good’, Mark Vargo Shares the Importance of Grips in this Short Doc

We started HowToFilmSchool in early 2012 with the intention of helping new filmmakers learn more about all the important jobs below the line on a film set. It has been a tough road, but we are very proud of what we have accomplished thus far.

One of the often neglected departments in the film industry is the grip department, they are the workhorse of the film set and can save you much time and money. A good grip is worth their weight in gold and there are few things a solid grip won’t be able to do for you given the right gear and some time.

I’ve seen grips build all manner of things from items they found laying around a location or from gear that you would never imagine putting together. A good grip is part engineer, mechanic, carpenter and ninja.

Mark Vargo’s definition of a grip, taken from the video:

GRIPS (U.S. System): Indispensable members of a film crew responsible for all means of camera support – either static of moving. And in conjunction with the Cinematographer and Gaffer they assist in the managing and sculpting of available or generated light. In all matters – grips look after the safety and general welfare of the cast and crew while working on set.


Check out Mark’s Short documentary below:

What did you think? Did you love this video or hate it? Can you share some tips for being a good grip?

Also, don’t forget to give your favorite grip and big hug the next time you see them!


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