5 Tips for Actors: Survive the Film Industry with These 5 Tips

We have talked to some local actors of several different experience levels and have put together a list of the most common tips for actors we discussed.

Keep an eye out for the ‘Acting’ section of the site as it grows. We have some ties with some local talent and acting schools, so there is plenty room for this section to mature.

5 Tips for Actors:

Always be ready for camera

Look your best and take care of yourself. When necessary invest in the things you need to aid your success, be it a haircut, gym memberships, fitness video, equipment or tooth whitening. Film is a visual medium and as an actor you need to look your best. Depending on the type of actor you are, the roles you’re going for and other factors, try to stay in shape or just keep up your current shape. It’s easier to stay fit than it is to try to get fit once you land a job. This doesn’t mean be unhealthy though, eat well and learn to listen to your body. If necessary use an app or website to keep track of your food and vitamin intake.


Get out there and meet people! Go to screenings, wrap parties and anything else you think can benefit your career. If you have friends that are actors you can attend a screening or party as their date. Talk to Producers and Directors and use social media and a website to increase your web presence. All these things are just ways of getting you or your work seen.


Actors need to always to training, be it film or theater. Immerse yourself in the craft, read books and watching movies about acting. Even successful working actors take classes and workshops or have private coaching sessions. Often times actors will have a coaching right before an audition or while they are studying the script right before shooting begins. Find a local acting school, but DON’T just pick ANY school! Look up the instructors and be sure they are working actors. Call them up or stop by and talk to someone. Show them your work or have an industry consultation if they offer it, find your strengths, weaknesses and what classes can help you.

Learn to take criticism and deal with rejection

As an actor you will face a lot of rejection, it can take hundreds of auditions before you land a job. You need a thick skin! No matter how good you are there will always be someone better, younger and more attractive. You will we criticized by casting directors constantly and even when you finally land that job you will continue for receive criticism.

Be kind, humble and be supportive of fellow actors

As and actor the last thing you want is to develop a reputation for being mean, cocky or jealous of others success. Be nice to your crew members, fellow actors and fans. These people can help make or break your career. As you develop relationships with fellow actors you may see some of them land jobs that you may have also auditioned for or get a big break in a TV show or film. Be supportive of them, jealousy will get you no where. Focus that energy on your craft and learn from their successes or failures.

Do you have your own tips for actors or have comments on our tips? Share in the comments below!


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