Cinematographer David Mullen on Lighting & Some Product Demos From Arri, Hive & More

I have been following David Mullen’s career for several years now and I have always loved how willing he is to share his wealth of knowledge with anyone that is interested.

He is one of the best contributors on the forums and an extremely talented cinematographer.

Check out the “In Production” section of for his in-depth posts. If you go back far enough you can find posts for all of the projects in talks about in this video.

Pay close attention to the stuff he talks about from about 16-35 minutes in. He pulls off some incredible cheats on the set of Manure and it’s almost shocking how good he was able to make things look in a studio.

I have successfully used lamps like HMIs and large tungsten sources to cheat as the sun, but never to the extent that Mr. Mullen does.

It gets even better from 35 minutes on, I won’t spoil it for you. It is definitely a must watch for all cinematographers, gaffers and lighting technicians.

Cinematographer David Mullen’s AbelCine Innovations in Lighting Lecture

Sadly, It appears that this amazing video has been made private. I’ve changed to code to the 5min version of it.

Many of the techniques he talks about I have used with my own cinematographers for years.

In particular, he mentions using a source 4 (Leko) to create slashes across sets, furniture and actors for that realistic sun light effect.

Another great option for creating this effect is using mirrors.

I’m currently working on a post that breaks down using bounces, reflectors and mirrors in your lighting set ups.

Check out Part 1 of the Innovations in Lighting Video

The first 46 minutes are extremely interesting, but not for everyone. Most Gaffers and Cinematographers will probably enjoy it though – I know I did.

New lighting technology and fixtures starts getting demonstrated at about 47 minutes in.

Lights demonstrated I’m most excited about in this video:

Arri L7-C LED Fresnel Lighting System – Very interesting, a Cinematographer’s dream light some might say.

Specs:  2amp draw, 7 inch fresnel, spot and flood-able, user programmable internal fan, DMX in & out, 0-100% dim-ability with no colour temperature shift, dial-able colour temp from 2800k – 10,000k, Plus and Minus green control, hue and saturation mode (party colours without gels!) and all with a very evenly spread beam. Output equivalent to an 800w tungsten! Read more about this glorious piece of film making technology on the Arri site.

Hive Wasp Plasma Light – Claimed to be the benefits of an LED with the output of an HMI! Usable anywhere in the world – 85 to 277volts!?!

Specs: 2.5amp draw, DMX Controllable, 10,000 bulb life and so much more. I am super impressed! Have a look at or look at the Wasp Spec Sheet on

What I’m very excited about is the Drone Source 4 kit. This allows you to take your existing Source 4 and turn it into a very low wattage, low heat daylight source4 with no ballast to lug around!

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