Movies of 2013 to Look Forward To

At the beginning of the year I like to look at what movies have to offer for the year ahead and this year I am pretty excited about a few releases. This list consists of the blockbuster staples and also the smaller films that remind me how amazing film can be. The list is in no particular order and I will add to it as I come across films that intrigue me.

Movies of 2013 to Look Forward to

only god forgivesOnly God Forgives

I thought it would be appropriate to start the list off with a Ryan Gosling film because really, when isn’t Ryan Gosling a good thing? I am really looking forward to this film because it pairs Ryan with his Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn, and Drive was my favorite movie of 2011 so I hope they can do it again. There is no trailer for this one yet so I am basing my excitement solely on the talent that has come together to make this film. I really hope it doesn’t disappoint. UPDATE: The trailer has arrived and I was not wrong, I am even more excited for this film now and can’t wait for this to be released! Check out the trailer here.


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anchormanAnchorman: The Legend Continues

Who didn’t love the first installment of Anchorman? Well I’m sure there were many but if you got it, you loved it. One of the most quotable films I think I have ever seen and still funny to watch. I don’t know if this is going to be as good as the first, I feel like it is likely that it won’t be but I am still going to watch and I am still going to laugh. The cast is great and not every movie has to be serious and brilliant, every once in a while I like to not think when I am watching a movie.

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evil deadEvil Dead

The poster boasts such a bold statement that I truly hope it can deliver on, it takes a lot for a movie to scare me but I am going to let this one try. The trailer makes it look like every other horror movie that has come out in the last ten years but I am hoping that is just a marketing strategy and that it will actually be brilliantly terrifying.

Check out Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead Trilogy




place beyond the pinesThe Place Beyond the Pines

Ryan Gosling makes it onto the list again because well he has to. Another pairing of a great actor and a great director. I loved Blue Valentine and hope that this reunion has proved to be just as amazing as it was. I think Blue Valentine had an amazing leading man and woman which helped a lot, I am not too sure how I feel about Eva Mendes as an actress, I am yet to be impressed by her and Bradley Cooper is handsome but not my favorite. Either way I am excited about this film and look forward to seeing it. And if you have any suggestions for a good Eva Mendes movie, then please let me know in the comments below.

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pacific rimPacific Rim

This looks like it will be a great action movie but from watching the trailer a few times I feel like it is going to be laced with really cheesy dialogue and some maybe not so amazing performances. I think I would take this film over another Transformers film but I am only setting my hopes at fun, action flick.

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world war zWorld War Z

I, like most other people, like Brad Pitt, I have really enjoyed his films in the last ten years and I am intrigued by this one. By no means do I think it will be amazing but I love a good zombie movie and I love Brad Pitt, so put them together and I should be pretty happy. I find the casting choices a little bizarre, Mireille Enos as his wife feels strange to me but I can live with it. i hope that this movie is cool and brings something new to the zombie movie table and if not, Brad Pitt is handsome.


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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

This one is on the list for the fans of these movies, I got a bit of trouble for not including the first installment on last year’s list, so I have made sure to include this one. I haven’t seen the first one yet but I didn’t really hear too many great things. I will see it before this one comes out and who knows I may enjoy it thoroughly. I hope for all the fans that this one is as good as they want it to be.

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Who doesn’t love The Lord of the Rings Trilogy?

lone rangerThe Lone Ranger

I have watched the trailer for this film numerous times and I think that I want to see it. I don’t think that I am excited to see it but it feels like it might be a really fun movie. I really enjoy Armie Hammer and I can go either way on Johnny Depp but this odd pairing has me interested. I also like Gore Verbinski most of the time so this one might be a hit.

Some of Gore’s other films




catching fireThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I must say that I have not jumped on the Hunger Games band wagon but I know many people that have and they are very excited about this movie. I have come to appreciate Jennifer Lawrence and there have been some interesting additions to the cast that make me think this might be worth watching. Either way, I don’t think this will be amazing but I do think it will please the fans of this series to no end.

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iron man 3Iron Man 3

When I first watched this trailer a couple of months ago, I thought wow, that looks really dark for an Iron Man movie and it made me happy. Last year I really wanted the new Spider-Man movie to be dark and edgy and it was absolutely not that. I am really hoping that this third installment in the Iron Man series is going to be dark and awesome. I know I can expect awesome action and great one-liners from Robert Downey Jr. but if it has the darkness that the trailer promises then it will totally make up for how much I didn’t enjoy the second one.


Brush up on Iron Man before seeing Iron Man 3


great gatsbyThe Great Gatsby

This film was on last year’s list and was unfortunately pushed into 2013, that doesn’t mean that I am not still very interested in it. Aside from the fact that it is in 3D, which I can overlook for now, I think that this looks like a fantastically, entertaining Baz Luhrmann film. It has been a while since Baz has had a film and we all kind of want to forget about Australia, so let’s hope that this one is as good as Moulin Rouge! or Romeo and Juliet because that would be great!

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man of steelMan of Steel

Another super hero movie for 2013 and another quite serious looking trailer. The last attempt at a superman movie was terrible as far as I am concerned but this one looks to be quite promising. I think going with a relatively unknown actor to play the lead, in this case, will work in their favor and I hope the dramatic tones of the trailer are present in the film. Super hero movies don’t have to be cheesy or campy; the Dark Knight films have proved that. Let’s hope that this film learned from the last ones mistakes.

Other Zack Snyder films



kick ass 2Kick Ass 2

I’m a little surprised that there is a sequel to Kick Ass, I can’t say that I loved it, I can say that I didn’t think it needed a sequel. I think I am pretty alone on this one though because most people loved the first movie and are totally thrilled that there is going to be a second. Maybe I need to go back and re-watch Kick Ass or maybe it just isn’t for me. I will check the sequel out though, who knows, it might be better than the first.

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into darknessStar Trek Into Darkness

I feel like I am being kind of negative with some of the movies on this list but I did not love the first Star Trek movie. For me it lacked a certain Star Trek quality that I was expecting and I also don’t love Chris Pine. He feels like the kind of leading man that is reminding me of how handsome he is. I’m being picky, I know but upon watching the trailer for Into Darkness, I didn’t feel like I needed to see this movie. I think Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain is weird and feels out of place, every time I see him in the trailer I kind of cringe and wish he was someone else. Who knows, this movie may surprise me but I am not holding out hope.

Love Star Trek? We do!


This is my list so far for movies of 2013, I will add to the list as I learn about movies that are coming out and if you think that I have missed anything that belongs on this list please share in the comments below.


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  • Victor Nguyen

    Man are you harsh on movies. You barely like half the movie on this list.

    • Courtney

      I realize I seem to be a bit harsh on the movies but I like to lower my expectations and then have movies blow me away! I am a little skeptical of all of the sequels on the list but who knows they might be really great. I will update the list as I see the movies and then we can decide if I was being too harsh!

  • Chris

    Actually, I believe that you are dead-on about your comments and forecasts about movies. Except for maybe, you might be a little too into Ryan Gosling and I did enjoy watching the Ironman 2 movie. Although Don Cheadle was disappointing for me. Oh yeah, Eva Mendes best performance in a movie is in The Other Guys. Pretty much.

    • Courtney

      Hahaha I’m not sure there is such a thing as being too into Ryan Gosling but I accept your comment :)