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I came across the YouTube version of these videos several weeks ago, and after some research I discovered that Shane Hurlbut had posted this on his blog in July of 2011. None the less, it is a fantastic two part video that has only had about 3000 views each on Vimeo.

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Kino Flo

Since it’s invention, the Kino Flo has completely revolutionized the film industry, and has become an industry standard. There isn’t a day on set that goes by without us pulling at least one off the truck, so let’s bone up on it’s history with his great interview with the inventor and president of Kino Flo, Frieder Hochheim.

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Shane Hurlbut Talks About Kino Flo

Below, Shane talks about his love for the Kino Flo, and shares an awesome rig he had built for The Last 3 Minutes to spin several Long 1 Kinos to create a carousel like lighting effect in the background of a shot.

More Kino Flo Related Content

Below are some other Kino Flo related videos in preparation for my tutorial. Be sure to brush up on anything you might not be familiar with. Also, check out the Kino Flo YouTube channel for more great videos.

My tutorial will feature intermediate to advanced Kino Flo techniques that are used on film sets of all sizes and I will not be showing too many basics.

In this hour long video, Tom Jacob of Kino Flo goes over most of their products. It’s pretty interesting, but feel free to skim if necessary.


Thanks for watching, and keep an eye out for some potential tutorials coming soon!


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